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She talked to me first
There are some days when you become comforting just for someone to hear you.
Do don’t have to say everything If you’re ready to be in love with someone new, you’ll able to meet a friendly relationship with warm heart.
If you don’t give up,
you can absolutely meet.
It’s hard to meet someone who fits me well, and if there are many steps before meeting someone, you’ll get more tired.
The consideration of “what if there is no unnecessary process, and there is more opportunity to meet new people?” has created what is now Amasia.
Looking at the matches on Amasia, we feel that we were not wrong!
‘Hi, can we be friends?’
The information you enter when you sign up becomes a keyword that represents you and is exposed to the profile list viewed by members of the opposite gender.
You can send and receive messages in real time from members who are matched by streets, regions, and interests.
So that you can reach anywhere in the world.
We support the automatic chat translation service so that you can fully convey your mind even if who use other languages and place in far away.
Friends from many countries around the world are already with us!
Special daily lives, Private social media
You can receive special content that only subscribers can see, not opened to others.
You can enjoy the attractive contents of creators such as daily life, counseling, and unreleased photoshoot and communicate with them right away!
From fun to professional dialogue, let’s share all the stories in the world right now in Amasia!
Start Amasia, Right now.
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